We are specialists in the maintenance and repair of heavy truck equipments (trucks, buses, industrial machines and others). We have the appropiate technology, facilities, and trained professionals to offer high quality service at low cost.

Heavy Duty Mechanics

Specialists in maintenance and repair of trucks, buses, maritime and more.


IT Diesel

Repairing and reprogramming. Remote Diagnostic, Tuning and Installation

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Sale Parts. Mechanical Heavy Duty Parts, Diagnostic Computers and ECM

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What We Offer

Our Service expert technicians can help make maintaining your vehicle simple and convenient, regardless of make and model. We have convenient hours, competitive service & parts pricing along with advanced technology to take the stress out of repairing your vehicle.

We Are Expertise

Engine Repair

All of our mechanics have extensive repair for the heavy duty equipments. We use our scanners and our experience to identify the problem and repair it. We also performed adaptation for those engines that are lost cases.

Computer Diagnostic and Tuning Services

Our technicians combining diagnostic functions with the ability to tune ECM, find the solution to increase an equipment’s performance, as increase your power engine, reduce your maintenance cost and save on fuel. Also, we work on cleaning of Diesel particulate filters, DOC/Catalysts, SCR Units, EGR Cooler, Catalysts Mufflers.

Heavy Equipment’s Mechanic

We repair, troubleshoot, adjust, overhaul and maintain our customers equipments.

——-   About Proline   ——-

We Are The Leader Mechanic Diesel & ECM Repaiting Tuning

Proline has the appropriate technologies and facilities and trained personnel offer a high quality service and good prices.

Our purpose is establishing a business alliance with your company with the intention of providing professional service to Advantage Funding customers.

Best Quality

We have adequate facilities and technology for offer our services and the staff has all the knowledge needed to meet the requested jobs.

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